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Hardworking problem-solver dedicated to producing results, a specialist in website design and development & social media online marketing plus ad creation for all sized companies, along with creation of content for email marketing etc. She is a well-rounded web designer with 5 years of experience doing it as a side gig while working full-time in the hospitality industry, planning and running small to large events in New Orleans and also mothering 2 children. She created and maintained all 3 websites for the last small business she worked for, 1 being built from the ground-up for buying products online and another ground-up build for one of the newer businesses with all new branding and all new content.

She opened Jos & Rey Designs + Services with her LLC in 2020 but started the actual "business" later in 2021, after a lot of back and forth she decided to make her side gig her real gig and hasn't turned back.  

She has since been growing and refining her strategies for all-sized businesses. Jos & Rey Designs + Services' focus is on building customer-centric websites that not only inspire but also function as powerful marketing tools that result in leads that transfer into sales which in turn keeps your revenue up. The name is founded by her with the creation of her daughter and son's name. Jos is from Joshua(2) and Rey(5) is from Aubrey, but they are both pronounced differently than their actual names.

She is a firm believer in everything happens for a reason as she bought the LLC in 2020 for no REAL reason at all, then in 2021 realized what she was going to use it for. She has then turned her side gig into her full-time commitment and is loving every aspect of it. She finally can say she is happy having to work every day and not just grinding at a 9-5 for someone else to make a paycheck. She loves that she can take your vision and turn it into real designs and results. It truly is a win-win for both parties. Working as a team you build your business and focus on business matters and she handles your website, social media, ads, marketing, and anything else you request or don't feel like taking the time to do yourself or that stresses you out to think about. She is committed to your brand and business and the success you will receive from her passion and creativity from her skills and hard work ethic. She not only values your vision, but she also values your thoughts and ideas just as much if not more than hers. Remember if you win, she wins and she will make sure you are both winning. As a lot of people would say "there is no I in team" or one of my favorites "teamwork makes the dreamwork."

She has a Bachelor of Science, a 4-year diploma in Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism with a minor in Management and Marketing. Her experience in the events industry from running largely to small businesses in every department has given her the knowledge to support her well in knowing how to relay messages creatively and technically while still minding bottom-line business considerations.

In all of her past positions, she has consistently increased metrics relating to lead generation, sales, client boarding and retention, newsletter signups, memberships, website traffic, search engine result placements, and so much more. She has successfully developed and implemented marketing plans, reworked brands, increased brand reach, refined product strategies, developed new logos, strategic revamping of systems in the workplace for companies of all sizes, and covered all aspects of social media marketing.

She has developed new systems for offices or several departments by creating new templates for your invoicing, contracts etc., handbooks, training's, spreadsheets, SOPs, bookkeeping, payroll, HR, staffing, rebranding, new branded build, new logos, and designing content or marketing materials for print or merchandise. You name it, she has done it and if she hasn't she will point you in the right direction and always be honest to make sure you are receiving quality service that she is proud to call her own.

 Get in touch with her today and see how she can help you bring your ideas to life.

While her home base is in New Orleans, she can work with clients from all over the country as well as abroad.

Check out her homepage and design+services page for some past/present clients and types of services she can offer you.

She looks forward to communicating with you about bringing your ideas and visions to life! 

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